Are you a Businessman? LIST YOUR BUSINESS

How It Works

Nothing is as easy as creating your profile and growing on Parea. From the convenience of your location, you can create your business list for free and start promoting your products and services in just few simple steps.


Create Your Account

  • Free Account: Create your free account with Parea
  • Complete your Personal Profile: Try to get your account verified because verified accounts draw more attention, add a clean profile pic, write something about yourself and your profession/company.
  • Get 10 Points: By creating an account you will get 10 points (you can use these points to contact people)
  • Refer And Earn: Refer more to increase the points (you can increase your points by referring more people to Parea)

Build Your Connections

  • Connect with users:Start contacting/Adding people to your network.
  • Get connected and Share your ideas and Businesses: After you made a connections network here you can share your ideas,businesses over the Chat and can share your files, videos, images through this.
  • Show your activities to your connections:You can post your ideas, images and other stuff on the wall, where everyone from your connection can see your activities.

Share Business Articles

  • Post your Business related articles: On Parea you have a separate page where you can post about your company/opportunity in hand, the announcements you're sharing on this page automatically will be shared on your wall which people can view, like and share.
  • List your Business Opportunity: You can list your business on this separate page, where people will go and check and they can join you directly from this page.

Become Feature or Premium Member

  • Become a Featured Business:To get more attention of whole Parea network, you can subscribe as a featured Business, your profile will start showing to people around the globe on Featured Businesses page.
  • Post a Premium Ads:If you want your Business to be there in the front of all Parea network for 24 hours, around the globe then purchase the space for Premium Advertisement.

Give exposure to your Business Approach

Advertise is the big part of every business, with Parea you can advertise you business in three ways:

  • Banners Ad:You can select the CPC and upload you banner, system will show your ad throughout the region you will select.
  • Text Ad:Write your Heading and text for your business and put this with desired CPC, will be shown to different pages of the Site.
  • Front Space Ad: You can hold this space on the header of every page so that every user can see this as they enter to the website.

Find Verified Members/Promoters

  • No Spams, no fake profiles: Every member who joins Parea, is being verified after obtaining certain required documents. Parea, ensures that no member on this platform is fake or unverified. Hence, you can connect with anyone without any fear of risk.
  • Get Points on verifying your profile: If anyone completes the verification process here, Parea credits an amount of 5 points in his/her account. These points can be used/spent on any of the services available on this platform.

Thousands of Opportunities

  • Open door to success: By joining Parea, you are opening a way towards successful destinations. With amazing offerings on this platform, you can easily reach out your final opportunity all around the globe in just few easy steps.
  • Find and apply for new opportunities: Through various available business announcements and opportunities available on the platform, you can apply the ones you are interested in and show your real worth by making that opportunity a success.

Share your ideas with realtime chat

  • No space for miscommunication: You can chalk out your plan and can discuss with valuable member on chat and can sort any query then and there only without any delays.
  • Share Photos & Videos: If the communication of plan is little complicated, then you can also share picture and videos explaining your plan and can makes sure that the information is communicated in an effected way. This method is providing no loopholes for doubts.

Best Rated Businesses

  • Search best opportunities from best businesses: If you are the one who is looking for new opportunities as a promoter or a distributor, then you can grab the best business opportunities from our listed best rated businesses.
  • Global companies offering great opportunities:On Parea you will have MLM opportunities from Best rated business companies globally. You can choose and apply into those opportunities as per your interest and passion.

Post or Book Events to attend

  • Post event details: ou can invite the members available on Parea to your business event by posting the details about the event on your profile. It will easily reach out to all the people who are interested in your kind of business.
  • Reserve a Seat for yourself you want to attend: If you are interested in any of the published business event, then you can reserve a seat in just a click. With Parea, in the convenience of your location, you can book any event you are interested in.

Free to Join

  • Anyone can Join for free: This platform is not a social media, but a path for thousands of opportunities around the globe, which anyone can grab. With simple steps of registeration, followed by verification process, anyone is free to join the network.
  • Sign Up Now: Never compromise for less, when with a network like Parea you can grow your business multiple times and create a new space for your product and services around different territories, in just few steps. Sign Up now and let your business be a success.

Refer & Earn Program

  • Share and invite: Since, you are known to the benefits of the Parea network. Let your contacts, be it your friends, family or relatives, also know about the platform. The more you refer Parea, the more you earn.
  • Earn for every joining:On every member, who successfully joins and gets the account verified, you will be given an opportunity of earning rewards. For every member you till get 10 credits in your points, which you can utilise to promote/advertise your business.

Advertise to your Customers

  • Reach your target audience: With Parea, you can conveniently reach out to your potential consumers following simple and easy steps. While posting an ad, you can easily fill details about the demographics, age group and gender that makes it easier for you to make a specific reach around the globe.
  • Interesting and Attractive Ad:With features of Parea, you can create the information about product very interesting, informative and attractive. You can infuse the information with creativity. The right information can actually bring many leads for you and make your advertising, a successful strategy.

Earn Unlimited Advertisement Fee

  • Start Referring: Within few easy steps, you can easily start your referral program. By sharing your referral link to others, you can earn Parea points which you can redeem on various services here, if your referred user purchase anything from Parea, you can get advertising amount of the same amount.
  • Beyond Boundaries, with extra earning: You can advertise and circulate information about Parea through your website or any other platform, if people from your website redirect and register to Parea, you start getting points on their registration and on their purchase advertising commission too.